Best thematic investing platforms in India

By: Team | Category: Business | Updated On: 5/27/18
Best thematic investing platforms in India

Thematic investing which is also knows as a theme-based investment or investing in ideas, in which we invest on a group of companies rather than on an individual share. Those companies which are grouped under the single roof are called as theme or idea. Thematic investing in India is a new concept currently, we have very few platforms to choose.

If you are an experienced trader, yourself can create a theme or else platform normally have several themes already created, one just need to select any of the themes and allocate fund for that.

So how theses themes are created?

For an example consider theme IT or Banking - First, need to identify a list of companies with direct or indirect exposure to that particular theme. Then find the strongest companies in that list. While finding the strongest company, need to consider factors like liquidity, risk, growth, performance etc. Once companies have been identified, then decide the percentage of money need to be allocated to each one of them, then we are ready with the theme.

1) Smallcase by Zerodha

Smallcase charges:

  • Flat fee of Rs. 100 only when you buy a smallcase
  • No fees when you rebalance, exit or invest more into your smallcase
  • For selling normal Zerodha Demat charges apply

2) Thematic from Fyers

Fyers Thematic  Charges:

3) Taurowealth

Taurowealth Charges:

Portfolio Monitoring yesyesyes
Zero Demat AMC1 Yearyesyes
User Customizationnoyesyes
Personal Portfoliononoyes
Allocation Advicenonoyes
Portfolio Limit5,00,000 5 Lac20,00,000 20 LacUnlimited -
Brokerage Charges0.25%0.20%0.15%
Annual SubscriptionNil49999999

best thematic investing platforms in india

1 ) Smallcase by Zerodha
2 ) Thematic from Fyers
3 ) Taurowealth