Best prime lens for Nikon D3400

By: Team | Category: shopping | Updated On: 5/27/18
Best prime lens for Nikon D3400

Prime lens -  also called as a portrait lens, one doesn't come with zoom or has single focal length. Prime lens called as a portrait because it is best suited for portrait photography. The sharpness of the image taken from these lenses will be always better compared to the zoom lens. Prime lenses are constructed with less number of moving parts and relatively cheaper compared to the zoom lens.

List of Prime lenses for Nikon D3400


1) Nikon AF-S 50mm Lens

One of the most popular prime lens for the portrait photography. Planning for wedding or child photography, this is the best companion. 
There are 4 different version of 50mm lens from Nikon.
 1. Nikon AF-S 1.8G 50mm
 2. Nikon AF 1.8G 50mm
 3. Nikon AF-S 1.4G 50mm
 4. Nikon AF 1.4G 50mm
But for our Nikon D3400, autofocus functionality works only with AF-S lenses, Always bear this in mind. This is because D3400 missing built in focus motor. As a beginner level better go with autofocus lens.

So now we have left with two lenses, in this one with 1.4G is full frame lens i.e FX format. Our Nikon d3400 is a DX format camera. FX format lenses work with our camera but focal length will be multiplied by 1.6x so 50mm acts as an 80mm

So finally my only one recommended lens is. 
Nikon AF-S 1.8G 50mm Price around 10K Rs.

2) Nikon AF-S 35mm Lens

Another prime lens with little more wide angle compared to 50mm.
Price if the lens is around 9K Rs.

3) Nikon AF-S 85mm Lens

This one FX format, there is no DX format with 85mm. One can buy this lens but focal length is not exactly 85mm, it will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5x when attached to D3400.