5 Free Online Photo editor for blog and social media campaigns

By: Team trendaround.com | Category: Blogging | Updated On: 5/27/18
5 Free Online Photo editor for blog and social media campaigns

Sharing your thoughts through social media or through an article or blog, using an image always brings user attention. If you are a blogger or online marketer or just want to share some thoughts, you always need a one simple image editing tool. Web-based or online image solution is quickest and easiest way, and there are many free tools readily available. Many of them even have android and IOS app. Here are some of the best simple free tools you can use.

1) Canva Image Editor

Canva Image Editor

Canva one of the most popular online photo editing tool available for free. Used by over 10 million people worldwide has more than 50 template  for different size needs, which makes Canva very simple to use. It also has a very nice iPad app.

The tool allows browsing large number free and paid images and vectors even allow to upload your own images. 

2) Shutterstock Image Editor

Shutterstock Image Editor

Shutterstock massive database of premium stock images. Shutterstock allows anyone upload high-quality images and earn from that. 

Shutterstock has very nice image editor integrated to their image database site which is free.  Shutterstock Editor allows you to download images in different formats and in high-resolution without watermarks. But for image download without watermark one has to upload own image or should subscribe and purchase premium image from Shutterstock itself

3) Pixlr Image Editor

Pixlr Image Editor

Pixlr Image Editor, I call it as online photoshop. Pixlr has a large number of similar tools like adobe photoshop and is completely free. Upload own image edit and download it back in different formats like PNG, BMP TIFF etc. I always use Pixlr when I need to create an image with transparent background.

4) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark online image editor, one more very simple editing tool from Adobe. It is available for free. Along with image editing tool also lets you create animated videos using a set of photos and soundtrack.

5) Pablo by Buffer

Pablo by Buffer is a simple image editor, basically intended for creating an image for the social platform.  It has built-in integration with Buffer to schedule your post. if anyone using Buffer,  Pablo will come handy.

5 free online photo editor for blog and social media campaigns

1 ) Canva Image Editor
2 ) Shutterstock Image Editor
3 ) Pixlr Image Editor
4 ) Adobe Spark
5 ) Pablo by Buffer