Best platforms to build an e-commerce website(store) in India

By: Team | Category: Business | Updated On: 6/23/18
Best platforms to build an e-commerce website(store) in India

If one wants to start their own e-commerce business, there are many ready-made software which comes with all the required facilities to run your online store. Depending on your technical skillset one can decide to go with the simple setup like Shopify or customise your own using some opensource platform like nopCommerce, Magento or OpenCart etc.

Once you decide the platform next step is to find the hosting platform. Shopify has its own hosting, if its a WooCommerce one can buy good WordPress hosting or if its nopCommerce then a windows hosting.

Here is the list of list of Best platform to build an e-commerce website(store) in India

1) shopify


Shopify is one of the easiest way to build your store, the platform provides all the necessary feature like built-in shopping cart with payment gateway integrated, one can customize the storefront with the themes, also user can purchase many extensions to add some extra functionalities, they also provide secured hosting environment. 

2) WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a customizable, open source eCommerce platform which integrates with WordPress. The first step here is to buy a good WordPress hosting environment with any hosting provider. 

Install WordPress, then from WordPress addon store, it's easy to install WooCommerce plugin and set up a store. There are hundreds of theme and extensions to customise your store. 

3) nopCommerce


nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform built on Microsoft technology stack. Unless the WooCommerce which is built using PHP.
If you are from Microsoft technology background, you can easily customize the platform depending on your need.

The platform provides shopping cart and easy integration with the payment gateway. It also provides Multi-store and Multi-vendor mode. Since it is built on Microsoft technology, need to buy windows hosting to set up the store

best platforms to build an e-commerce website(store) in india

1 ) shopify
2 ) WooCommerce
3 ) nopCommerce