Boat Nirvaana Bliss C360 Review

By: Team | Category: headphone | Updated On: 7/8/18
Boat	Nirvaana Bliss C360 Review

Nirvaana Bliss CE-1 (C360) is a stylish headphone from Boat. Earphone head is made up of ceramic material with tangle-free cable.  Although cable is not a flat wire, it is a tangle free. Noice cancellation mic works pretty much well. The main feature is its deep bass, looking at its price range I would say the bass quality is great.  Earbud and wire are durable enough for normal day to day activity.

Overall Boat Nirvaana Bliss is value for money earphone.

Durability: 8/10
Deep bass: 8/10
Noice Cancellation: 7/10
Overall Sound quality: 9/10

1) Boat Nirvaana Bliss

Boat	Nirvaana Bliss

boat nirvaana bliss c360 review

1 ) Boat Nirvaana Bliss